JEE Advanced 2023 Results

Aryan Rai
AIR 664
Aayush Mani Tripathi
AIR 1161
Shresth Keshari
AIR 2936
Kanishk Chaudhary
AIR 4072
Aaditya Pratap Shahi
AIR 4372
Yuvika Chaudhary
AIR 5351

JEE Advanced 2022 Results

Varun Bajpai
AIR 950
Harsh Mishra
AIR 2152
Aditya Vikram Singh
AIR 2331
AIR 2435
Akhand Pratap Singh
AIR 2539
Vatsalya Singh
AIR 3419
Md Danish Iqbal
AIR 4576
Aviral Singh
AIR 4949

JEE Advanced 2021 Results

Gaurav Singh
AIR 552
Varanasi Topper
Vikas Yadav
AIR 892
Arpit Garg
AIR 1468
Pratyush R
AIR 1706
Ujjwal Yadav
AIR 1982
Abhay Yadav
AIR 2001
Aashish Tripathi
AIR 3040
Ayushman Singh
AIR 3612
Aagat Shukla
AIR 4597

JEE Advanced 2020 Results

Akash Sinha
AIR 420
Md Umam
AIR 720
Sankalp Ranjan
AIR 823
Mansi Barnwal
AIR 1086
Varanasi Girl's Topper
Vivek Raj Singh
AIR 1973
Ritick Gupta
AIR 3414
Aashish Tripathi
AIR 3705
Deependra Kr. Singh
AIR 4026
Ayush Mishra
AIR 4716
AIR 4759

JEE Main 2023 (session 1) Result

origence jee main topper

JEE Advanced 2023 Result

jee advanced 2023 origence
jee advanced origence 2023
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